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About Abplanalp


The history of Abplanalp are 40 years of the development of the idea of Swiss businessman and entrepreneur Hans Abplanalp who, in the late 1970s in Switzerland, at the foot of the Alps, founded Abplanalp Engineering - a company producing machines and distributing machines made by other manufacturers.

The Swiss company Abplanalp was one of the first players to enter the Polish market and launch its activity, with PHZ Transpol acting as an intermediary. Soon afterwards the Abplanalp Engineering department was created in Poland, extending the company's product range to include spare parts as well as maintenance services.

The next few years were a time of transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, which resulted in the development of a network of offices, successively in Minsk, Kiev, Zaporizhia and Donetsk. A great demand for Abplanalp Engineering services prompted the creation of further offices in Moscow, and then also in Yekaterinburg in the Ural District, in Novosibirsk in Siberia and in the south of Russia in Togliatti.

The year 1992 was crucial for the company, it was then that the Swiss branch of Abplanalp Engineering operating in Poland was transformed into an independent Polish company, Abplanalp, which totally took over the activity of its predecessor.

The dynamic growth of the company in the next few years involved markets in Central Asia by means of the Uzbekistan office and the presence in the Baltic markets, as well as further investments, which resulted in the creation of Abplanalp Estonia and Abplanalp Vilnius.

Abplanalp today

Supplier of cutting-edge technologies

Abplanalp Sp z o.o. is one of the largest companies in Central Europe providing cutting-edge technologies of world-renowned manufacturers in the metal machining industry. We provide technological solutions that guarantee our business partners a competitive advantage. Many years of presence on different markets, cooperation with leading producers of machine tools, vast experience, a comprehensive range of products and technological support and, first and foremost, the ability to identify the customers' needs - all these features render our services unique.

Comprehensive technological support

We provide comprehensive technological support, thanks to which we can accompany you on every stage of production. We can optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process, lowering the final cost of the product.

Behind the vision of being the leader of comprehensive technological solutions in Poland lies a range of world-class products, consulting on the choice of optimal technology and the way of financing investments for the particular needs of Clients. The whole offer is complemented by trainings and maintenance services.

At present, Abplanalp has 6 branch offices in Poland - technological and commercial showrooms / Haas Factory Outlets - in: Warsaw, Zabrze, Rzeszow, Stargard, Solec Kujawski, Legnica. Two more are soon to be opened in Gdansk and Poznan.

Such a scale of activity involves more than 100 sales representatives working off-site daily, supported by advanced software solution (ERP/CMS) and a back office of 15 employees. All of our branch offices have an process engineer employed full-time, ready to solve any of the customers' processing problems. Each branch is equipped with a minimum of three working machines which allow to present their practical capacity or to produce a sample part for the customer and solve their problems. There are 9 Haas and 5 EDM machines at our disposal in the head office, each and every one of them installed and equipped with tools and cooling system ready for presentations, trainings and demonstrations.

Abplanalp Holding Company

Apart from its strong position on the Polish market Abplanalp is also present in the Eastern markets as a holding company.

Abplanalp branches

Name Country Address Phone E-mail Website
Abplanalp Poland Poland Kostrzynska 36,
02-979 Warsaw
+48 22 379-44-00 biuro@abplanalp.pl www.abplanalp.pl
Abplanalp Switzerland Switzerland Nordring 10a,
3013 Bern
+41 31-332-21-53 office@abplanalp-engineering.ch www.abplanalp-engineering.ch
Abplanalp Ukraine Ukraine Kozatska 120/4,
03022 Kiev
+380 44 496-11-66 info@abplanalp.kiev.ua www.abplanalp.kiev.ua
Abplanalp Lithuania Lithuania Gelezinio Vilko g. 2,
LT-03150 Vilnius
+370 52-375-403 info@abplanalp.lt www.abplanalp.lt
Abplanalp Latvia Latvia Katlakalna 9,
LV-1073 Riga
+371 292-955-00 agris@abplanalp.lv www.abplanalp.lv
Abplanalp Estonia Estonia Sara tn 8,
Peetri alevik, Harjumaa
+372 510-3725 info@abplanalp.ee www.abplanalp.ee
Abplanalp Central Asia and Caucasus Republic of Uzbekistan Tallimarjon str 1/1 office 3/4 100105,
+998 71 291-92-34 tashkent@abplanalp.uz www.abplanalp.uz

Business Partners

Abplanalp is the sole distributor of world-renowned brands and manufacturers of the following products.

Machines - metal cutting

Haas Automation

See website


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Vision Wide

See website


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Goratu - Geminis

See website


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You Ji

See website


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Machines - EDM and HSC/HSM processes


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OPS Ingersoll

See website

Coolants and cutting fluids


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Tools, fixtures, lathe chucks and milling chucks, live tooling


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Van Hoorn

See website


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CAD/CAM software

Esprit CAM

See website

Other fields of activity which complete the comprehensive offer

Maintenance - we provide maintenance services for all the machines we have sold, disposing of a team of 21 technicians countrywide with 13 service vans equipped with all the spare parts necessary to repair machines on site.

Aplications - we provide our customers with help in the choice of technologies, tools and machines, a team of 9 engineers is responsible for the preparation of sample parts and final parts, trainings for customers' employees as well as for solving any problems that customers may encounter during production.

Financing - thanks to our experience and cooperation with the largest leasing companies we are able to ensure attractive financing for our customers. We offer help with submitting applications to the EU, simplified leasing procedures as well as temporary rental of our machines.

Technological workshops and consultations - all year round, on a regular basis, meetings are organized around the country in order to present the latest solutions, technologies and CNC machines.


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Kostrzynska 36
02-979 Warsaw
Poland, EU
phone.: (22) 379-44-00
phone.: (22) 858-94-78
fax. (22) 379-44-90
e-mail.: biuro@abplanalp.pl